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Where is Shefelat Yehuda?

Shefelat Yehuda

Biblical TuscanyShefelat Yehuda, The Judean Foothills/Lowlands is home to Israel's Biblical Tuscany. In our winter and spring, this region, tucked away between Jerusalem’s Mountains and the Coastal plain is gorgeously lush, and hidden gems that are off the beaten path sparkle. Vineyards and wineries abound, and one can bike or jeep ride to ancient ruins, and caves, and visit museums, and modern-day battle sites.

Walk in the footsteps of our great heroes - where King David fought Goliath, where it is believed he built the biblical city Shaaraim, (Khirbet Qeiyafa).  and explore the hometown and possible burial sites of the  Maccabees (Hasmoneans).  Ride through the caves and ancient Bar Kochva period villages, understand modern-day Haganah fighters who established our state and meet the brother of a fallen Israeli hero, whose missions were so significant to the State of Israel, that his name and face are hidden from public view to this day

The landscape’s many stories and that of its people are waiting to be told. Stories of the Tanach come to life as the archeology and every step we take unearths a story.  Bike through ancient villages where underground caves once were witness to the Jewish struggle for survival.

In these parts, ancient roads lead our way to special contemporary ethnic cuisine so we can hear the modern heroic stories and sacrifices of Jews who made aliyah from Iran, Morocco, Yemen and India. We will meet some inspiring descendants and taste their delicious ethnic foods.

Today we can enjoy the wine of the Elah Valley in the very land that Jacob blessed his son Yehudah with abundance on vineyards. The names of modern communities of Aderet, Roglit, TaOz, and Tirosh in these parts, reflect our return to the land and the fulfillment of Yaakov’s blessing;  there is no lack of wonderful wineries to visit and wines to taste! 

Let’s go explore -  From the Foothills and Beyond! Together, we can traverse the length and breadth of this country and always meet people, and feel the stones tell us their stories. Let's go!

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