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About Me

Sara Bank Wolf
Sara Bank Wolf
Sara Bank Wolf

I feel extremely blessed to live the dream our ancestors could only pray for.


Israel is a country of diverse feisty people.


It is a land of inspiringly brave people full of fortitude, extensive history, meaningful religious traditions, and many many variant opinions, there is never a dull moment here!

About Me

Hi! I am Sara Bank-Wolf. I grew up in New Rochelle, NY and made Aliyah in 1994 with my husband, we have 5 children.


Jewish history was always my favorite subject in school! In 2007 I completed an MA in Jewish History at Hebrew University (yes, I did write a 150 page thesis, ask me about it!)  


In 2018 I combined my passions and became certified by the Israel Ministry of Tourism as an official tour guide. I feel fortunate to be the one to share these loves with you!

I am currently completing a second master's degree in The Land of Israel & Archeology Department at  Bar Ilan University and have completed courses to guide Jewish Poland and Spain.

Having recently discovered who rescued my father, grandparents and 13 others Jews from 1942-1944 in Przemysl, Poland, I am working on a documentary. 

Sdeh Nehemiah

Whether you like to bike, hike, jeep, taste new foods, or meet new people with a moving story tell, join me!

We’re in for a fun filled adventurous day all short drive from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. 

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